Copyright Infringement Claims


(similar to DMCA claims in the United States)




The entire website operation is located in Mexico, so U.S. laws such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act do not apply here. Nevertheless, we strongly support intellectual property and copyright protection rights for creators of artistic content and want to assist those whose rights have been infringed. Our process may differ slightly from that of the U.S. DMCA, but the ultimate goal is the same.


In the unlikely event that you discover content on this website which you believe infringes your copyright, use the form below. Requests may only be submitted by a copyright owner or authorized agent. We will attempt to contact whomever originally sent the material in question so that they can have the chance to file a challenge to your claim. Be prepared to provide legal identification and prove your copyright infringement claim. If you knowingly misrepresent that material on this website infringes your copyright, you can be held liable for damages including costs and attorneys’ fees.


Under Section 512(f) of the DMCA, the copyright owner’s name and description of the work(s) allegedly infringed may be published in place of disabled content - which becomes public. Everything in your claim (including personal information) may be forwarded to the original provider of the work(s). reserves the right to follow the same procedures, so if you submit a claim you are consenting to your information being revealed in this way.


Copyright infringement claims must be submitted using the form on this page. Any copyright messages received through the contact page on this site or via JSVnaked email or other chat utility will be ignored and discarded. Claims sent in any language other than English will be ignored and discarded. Forms not filled out COMPLETELY will be ignored and discarded for non-compliance. This process will waste peoples' time, so DO NOT MAKE FALSE CLAIMS because karma will get you in the end (and we are, frankly, not all that interested in playing referee to a couple of twink divas who just broke up and are arguing over who gets possession of the dick pics).